Building JSON Objects in Microsoft Flow

A couple of days ago, I was helping a friend with a case in Microsoft Flow ... So I thought this is a good time to write a new article that would be a reference for my friend, and hopefully others would find this useful if they came across the same issue.
The CaseIt's very simple and straight forward, we have a flow that gets initiated once an item is added to a SharePoint list, and we want to return a JSON object of the newly added item ... Easy!
Good to know...Now before going into the solution, it's good to know that Microsoft Flow itself handles data within as JSON, whereas Flow is not only a process automation service, it's an integration service as well. Therefore it needs a common ground/language/format - you name it - to handle all data types from all the different sources (SharePoint list, SQL Table, Excel, etc...)
This is How...Well, there are two different ways to tackle the case above, and I'm going to list them both in this article. For the sake of easy illust…

I'm Speaking at The Czech SharePoint Conference 2017

… there was a time, when SharePoint like a topic has usually one session inside bigger technical events or was not part of some events at all and we want a change. So, we created an event!
The Czech SharePoint Conference Once again, I'm headed to the Czech Republic, but this time around to its beating heart city of Prague, whereas I'll be part of the Czech SharePoint conference 2017 !

The Czech SharePoint Conference 2017 will be held between 6th - 8th November in Prague at Microsoft HQ, Vyskočilova Praha 4 ... A couple of the famous and well-known local speakers will be speaking there, in addition to the well-known world travelers Micheal Noel and Joel Oleson! I'm so humbled and honored to be among them ...

For the Czech SharePoint Conference 2017 I have prepared a session and a workshop. On Monday, November 6th I'll kick off with a session on Modern Business Applications: Microsoft flow, PowerApps & latest News from Ignite: Microsoft is investing enormously into the…

Microsoft Flow as a Service for Custom Applications

I've been so eager to write about Microsoft Flow since I have started using it about a year ago! However, I've seen a lot of articles out there by community contributors talking about almost every single capability that Flow can do ... In addition, I personally believe that the Microsoft Flow team is doing a good job putting people on the right learning track.

There are many scenarios that we could consider using Flow with, however in this very post I'll be writing about when to consider Flow while building custom developed applications ... Flow could be your "LEGO" building block for almost every application!

As developers, almost every single one of us have developed against at least one API, and I surely believe that many have developed APIs that connects to third party services and/or social media ... Now, this task is usually a bit costly during the project, whereas developers have to go through the technical documentation for those APIs and absorb them in ord…

I'm Speaking at SharePoint Saturday Cambridge 2017

I’m so excited to be part of my 6th SharePoint Saturday event this year! Once again I’m flying to England but this time to another city; and to be more specific I’m headed to the prestigious city of Cambridge!

SharePoint Saturday Cambridge will be held at Møller Centre at Churchill College in Cambridge, and as per the event organizers, and I quote “This time it is WAR!” SPS Cambridge will be joining with a sister event (SQLSaturday Cambridge) whereas event speakers and attendees this time will do battle with one another to show *who* is the boss -so expect lots of fun and games throughout the day to mark our special Civil War Edition. SOUNDS FUN!

As I did in SPS Toronto, and as part of my tech channel “The 365-Tech Talk” I’ll be doing interviews with my fellow speakers at SPS Cambridge  …

For SPS Cambridge, I’ll be holding a session on PowerApps & Microsoft Flow: Advanced Scenarios which will give a deep dive on PowerApps and Flow for building and using custom business apps that conn…

I'm Speaking at SharePoint Saturday Toronto 2017

Community contribution doesn’t know any limits! And this time around my contribution passion drove me to another continent and specifically to Canada-Toronto, whereas I’ll be part of one of the biggest community events in north America generally and Canada particularly.

SharePoint Saturday Toronto is known for its awesome reputation, not to mention it was one of the first events to host Jeff Teper – Office, SharePoint and OneDrive corporate vice president at Microsoft – or for short “The father of SharePoint”. 

As per SPS Toronto organizers, a huge crowd is expected to show up at this year's event, which is a good opportunity to meet with more people from the community and hear their stories. 

For SPS Toronto I have prepared two things, a session and a surprise! I’ll start with the latter mystery, which is something I’m going to announce/launch during this week before SPS Toronto, whereas it’s going to be a pleasant surprise for the community in general and for the speakers specifica…

I'm Speaking at SharePoint Saturday Dubai 2017

Once again, I'm ready to be part of another SharePoint Saturday! This time, I'll be speaking at the 6th SharePoint Saturday in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) in the city of Dubai on 15th July.

I'll be meeting with some usual faces from SPS Warsaw 2017, but also looking forward to meet new faces and hear their SharePoint stories...

For SPS Dubai, I'll be throwing a session on PowerApps & Microsoft Flow: Advanced Scenarios which will give a deep dive on PowerApps and Flow for building and using custom business apps that connect to your data and work across the web and mobile. An I'll also shed some light on the scenarios where the need to customize and develop extra features for workflows, in order to take workflows to the next level. This session demonstrates key advanced scenarios addressing the next level workflows using PowerApps and Flow, featuring Azure API Apps and Azure Functions.

As usual, my session brand is fun slides and demos, demos, demos!
SPS Dubai is …

Machine Learning Explained!

The minute we hear the word machine learning, many thoughts rush into our minds, starting from high-tech robotics, sophisticated complex algorithms and ending by Sci-fi movies (of course!).

Well, we might be partially right if the plan is to assemble a robot or reinvent an auto-pilot car, but this is no longer the case these days!

In the recent years, Machine Learning is being widely used in business scenarios or – to be fair – it’s even becoming mainstream! Predictive machine learning modules and/or sentiments are being used in our day-to-day tools and utilities. For example, there are off-the-shelf SaaS sentiments to tell whether a tweet from a customer is a good feedback (happy customer) or a bad feedback (unhappy customer).

Another example that we could find off-the-shelf is face recognition, which is a service we could feed with a couple of (face) photos of a person, and then feed a totally different photo – of the same person – other than the ones provided at the beginning, then th…